Clifford Thames supports OEMs in the creation, management and publication of parts catalogues.

A market-leading software platform (MoDAS) provides an authoring environment and data repository for parts and vehicle data which integrates to service documentation and repair processes.

Clifford Thames can deliver the following services:

MoDAS Devices Image
  • Service Part Releasing
  • Catalogue authoring, illustration and translation management
  • Data publication in real-time for web display, paper, microfiche and data files
  • Quality control
  • Electronic Parts Catalogue (Web and DVD)
  • Web services for integrating parts and vehicle data into external systems

Electronic Parts Catalogues (EPC)

If you need to find a part for a vehicle, the Clifford Thames Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) is the best route. This web-based application, available hosted by Clifford Thames or as a DVD for local installation, filters your selection to focus on parts applicable to the vehicle configuration you are researching.

Our streamlined publications processes means that EPC provides information more current than traditional EPCs, reducing the costly impact of typical EPC data lags and is focused on helping the user find a vehicle part as quickly and accurately as possible. Our EPC incorporates the latest technologies, facilitating access on mobile devices and integration to support the business practices of our customers.


Connecting to your Parts Data

Clifford Thames provide a streamlined connection to the parts data you need. An efficient, single, definitive data source is offered in a choice of web browser applications or web services to access the latest OEM data on demand, avoiding the use of multiple systems, costly data processing and storage solutions set-up. Fusion also includes a translation portal, a data quality monitoring application and part pricing tools.


Fusion IQ

Fusion IQ addresses dealer-specific parts management needs, with fast, easy navigation to the extensive Dealer Parts Catalogues that Clifford Thames retain and manage. If you have parts in your stock inventory and you’re uncertain where they fit, when you need to know the exact build features of a vehicle, Fusion IQ sources this information quickly, simply and accurately.

Fusion IQ accesses an unprecedented quality and quantity of data using a simple question and answer approach complementing information within Electronic Parts Catalogues (EPCs). But whereas an EPC targets answers to questions such as, “What part do I need for this repair for this vehicle?” or “What part fits this vehicle?” Fusion IQ lets you use questions like, “What vehicles do these parts fit?”


  • Sells obsolete parts/dead stock
  • Analyses stock inventories to assist in stock profiling across one or many Dealer sites
  • Researches applicability of parts that were not stocked and therefore become lost sales
  • Data validation or support for other applications e.g. accessories marketing
  • Collates technical information required for sales and marketing campaigns e.g. eBay